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SDN and Networking

Network Connectivity

New Network loads and traffic volume is introducing a greater demand on network infrastructure. This requires the network to be agile and change as required to meet the business demands. Our engineers will research and consolidate connectivity solutions to optimize cost and service levels.

Wired and Wireless

Mobility is transforming the landscape of the enterprise IT Infrastructure. Our Wired and Wireless solutions help to alleviate these challenges though our various technology alliances. We provide enhanced solutions for unified and agile workplace to enhance the employee productivity and satisfaction.

Data Centre Networking

Data Centre network difficulties are increasing everyday due to business demand on application, Hyper- convergence, mobility, the internet of things and cloud. We assist and guide you to transform your data centre and its capabilities. Enhanced efficiencies with automaton of operation and scaling the server infrastructure, network function virtualization and software defined services. Software Defined network moves some of your networking hardware functionality into software and this programmable network provides the cost effective network with reduction of complexities and enhances the data centre agility.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT Infrastructure

IOT is growing, connecting the devices to the internet at an exceptionally high rate. But IOT is not only about devices or objects; it’s about data.