IT Transformation Process

The objective of this service is to determine the “healthiness of the existing IT environment, recommend appropriate processes for service improvement and suggest areas for automation (if any)”. The Scope of work for the IT infrastructure assessment is focused on the following operational towers (identified services/ functional areas), as indicated below:

  • Server (UNIX & NT) & Storage management
  • Datacenter (Production) operations / ITIL process
  • Network (WAN/LAN) management
  • Database management
  • Messaging
  • Information Security
  • Disaster recovery and Business Continuity Processes
  • Accessing the right cloud architecture for business
  • Cloud Infrastructure processes for on-prim v/s cloud services


The final report, at a broad level would consist of:

  • Our understanding of existing service delivery process
  • Tips on Industry standard delivery models
  • Potential areas for service improvement and benefits
  • Processes for on-premise and cloud based infrastructure
  • Standardization of processes
  • Tips on effective IT management
  • Potential areas for automation


  Data Center Consolidation

Sprawling servers, operating and storage systems, and desktop applications create a costly and complex IT environment. To keep this computer equipment expansion manageable, Data Centre consolidation has become an increasingly popular choice for IT professionals.

Data Centre consolidation can help your company get the most from its resources by reducing costs, elevating service levels and improving IT manageability. Data Centre consolidation brings the benefits of the Hybrid and Public Cloud service to Data Centre. With the right approach, your business can achieve its returns on investment (ROI) objectives in a very short period of time.



  • Business case for server consolidation as the first step
  • Baseline the existing server environment
  • Server utilization statistics based on peak business cycle
  • Consolidated server roadmap
  • Cloud roadmap and integration of various work loads
  • ROI/TCO information


  Data Center Relocation

As part of this service we will seamlessly relocate your Data Centre to a new facility through a well-defined process. The following approach options are evaluated based on the customer requirement.

  • Lift and Shift: Move the existing IT equipment’s from one location to another location, where it will perform in its current state.
  • Parallel Cut: A parallel environment will be setup and data will be synced on a periodic basis to the new environment. UAT will be performed on this environment before the final cutover is performed.
  • Flash Cut: A high availability environment will be setup in the new location. The two cluster nodes will be separated through a geo-cluster. This methodology will be suggested for application which cannot tolerate any downtime during relocation.

  Our Approach:

Yashasvi will ensure that the entire relocation exercise is seamless through a range of structured activities which include:

  • Documentation of the existing IT landscape
  • Classification of server (Critical, Non-critical)
  • Backup of critical data
  • Documented Layout of target environment
  • Document the move groups based on criticality and application landscape
  • UAT performed after the relocation exercise/li>