Data Center consulting are services focused towards optimizing Data Centre elements. Yashasvi follows an innovative approach in Data Centre design, assessment, migration and consolidation. Our Accelerate methodology will facilitate design sessions, quickly driving your team to a detailed plan and accelerating the completion of your design, consolidation and relocation.


  Data Centre Design and Assessment

Yashasvi follows a structured and modular approach in Data Centre Design, yet keeping the design as simple as possible. Based on the customer business requirement a blue print of the new Data Centre will be provided which incorporates the latest Data Centre standards. The design will incorporate the following aspects which includes

  • Sizing (Power, Cooling, Rack configuration, Fire suppression, Cabling layout)
  • Scalability for future growth
  • Redundancy (Based on tiers)
  • Physical security
  • Optimization using green technologies

Data Centre assessment involves reviewing the readiness of existing Data Centre facility and critical physical infrastructure components – including the Power systems, Cooling systems, and Rack configuration.



As part of this assessment Yashasvi will develop a comprehensive report that includes recommendations to:

  • Address your specific concerns
  • Correct deficiencies
  • Optimize existing conditions
  • Increase infrastructure capabilities
  • xtend Data Centre service life

  Data Center Build Out

As part of the Data Centre Build Out service Yashasvi will ensure the commissioning of the new Data Centre as per the design and architecture. Yashasvi will undertake the program management activities and ensure various phases of the plan are executed on schedule. Yashasvi will liaison with various other groups which includes HVAC, cabling etc and ensure that we act as a single point of contact to the customer.